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IT Data Management Service

Data management challenges can be painful. IT solutions are only effective when the data is properly managed and maintained. If you are facing difficulties populating large quantities of data or keeping the data current and synchronized across environments, we can help. Effect-Tech specializes in managing data for initial deployment and implementing procedures to keep your data current and relevant.

CMDB Data Management

Populating and keeping a CMDB complete and accurate can be very challenging for large, enterprise organizations. Data quality often suffers when multiple sources of record are loaded, merged, and reconciled to create your definitive production copy of your managed configuration items (CIs). Many organizations have tried repeatedly to build a viable CMDB, but invariably fail due largely to data issues.

Our team at Effect-Tech has specialized in deploying enterprise-level CMDB's for over 8 years. We have a solid understanding how configuration data should be leveraged by related IT processes and tools and understand complex data issues and how to solve them.


Remedy ITSM Foundation Data


A key aspect of deploying a new Remedy ITSM environment is loading all of your data.  Our industry proven methodology, combined with our Effective Transport tool, provides answers to companies seeking more efficient ITSM on-boarding solutions. Our professional services team has the expertise to make sure your ITSM deployment is on the right track toward success.

Some of the capabilities that Effect-Tech and Effective Transport add to BMC’s standard tools:

  • Fast, straightforward Foundation Data gathering
  • Ability to load and reload changes to your organization or customer’s data during and after the project
  • Better activities management by project phase or by customer
  • Easily manage data across multiple disparate environments